Saturday, 14 January 2012

# people talk n they wish #


diary of a wimpy kid

baru lepas tgk cerita ni ! pengajaran yg paling best. manusia suka bercakap dan terus bercakap seolah2 they get into this world just for keeping talking n even worse when people get talking without thinking. rase cam nk kasi brain wash taruk clorox sikit. it would get better i guess. or just put some bites of chillies in that clorox. it would be more exciting. haha. just kidding. dont try this at home or school or office somehow. haha. oohhh.. im dead. its already 3.29 am n i just cant sleep yet. n im keep talking trash isnt it? * talking bout people's take it seriously ! ok? continue if u wanna join me, leave immediately if u dont wish 2 do that..thank you..*

CHEESE TOUCH ! ouch..*kalau x fhm sila tgk movie ni*
friends may go n some of them might stay n subset to it some may stay but it's just for temporary n another subset to some may stay longer but it hurting us by their words. people said " just be urself then only people can easy with u in just the way u r" it can be realistic ? people also said "sometimes u have to pretend to b someone else then only u can adapt with situation. " is it can be denied ? in friend anything can happen. it could b interesting,joy,fulfill, also could b annoying,disguisting,sad,disappoint. anything.

choosing friends sometimes is needed . dont u think that ? abis kalau  xpilih nnt dpt pulak kwn yg negatif je mcm mana.kankankan? org x bmaksud tinggalkan n x kwn terus dgn org yg -ve..BUKAN ! ..kwn lah mcm biasa..ambik yg +ve hiraukn yg -ve yg keluar dr mulut dia..ok? hehe..

dah lah..nnt pnjg2 boring pulak..nk belah la..

anything can be commented worries..=) choww..assalamualaikum..

*entri ini digubah pd ari yg bbeza dgn ari yg d'post..ok? ^.^V (peace no war..)

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