Tuesday, 6 March 2012

# people are resistant to change #

Assalamualaikum bloggers <3

is it bad to have bad attitude ? is it good to have good attitude any ? people tend to do mistakes everyday . i used to have one friend that can be assumed as a 'naughty' in that age . what i mean is i start to recognize her actual characteristic when she once came to me and asked for a favour . she asked if she can stay at my house for a couple of days . everyone knows that she have bad attitude . she got not so many friends indeed . at first i was thinking that is it okay with to get along with her as we are not that close . but why me ? 

last minute decision sometimes could bring us a huge changes rite ? when we were spending time together it is not bad actually . i learn to act in a row of her move because for me it can make someone feel comfort with us as long as it does not violate the law (syariah) . so far and so for we just happy to be together (at that time) . she is actually having conflict with her family . so pity of her . 

at night , i dont know how it goes actually . but what can i say maybe she think that i can be trusted for her to tell bout her problem . we were having chat for a night long . seriously , if people get chance to change actually she can do it as long as there is supporters . i really feel sorry to her . mistakes that she had done before is actually not in her willingness . it just that she cant tell the world that she is actually suffering . by creating all these bad thing she said she can release a bit of her misery at least . 

everyone in this world get their plot in life . and towards the end of the day we gather all the plot and it will be analyzed and judged by Allah . for us in being HIS creation should always aware and remember as no matter what happen just turn yourself to Allah . and HE knows the VERY best of us . 

note : it is reminder for me as well . 


  1. nice entry..really impressed with ur non-judging character..ur such a person..its a good think to know that this world still have a great attitude human being..salam

    1. thanx . it's good too to have people like u heading towards this particular issue . semua org buat silap kan tmasuk sy :)