Saturday, 8 December 2012

# not in that level #

ohh . kata orang duduk bawah tempurung memang tak tahu apa-apa . but the problem is living in this environment filled with the IT advancement , yet i still have less knowledge in this particular matter . i dont even feel in cutting edge gadgets . *but at least im using my old corby . haha . not so that out la kan .

i dont have any android-stuffs-gadgets-whatsoever .  i dont have any accounts of instagram . im not used to whatsapp . or i even dont have to pay monthly for plan data of any services just to get update in anywhere or anytime .

BUT !! satu hari nanti i pun terasa nak ada semua tu . not because i dont want to be the one that left behind in this advance world . it is just that , i want to keep all the memories *what im doing , where im going and etc in my virtual world . it's cool right ?

kesimpulannya , ikut kemampuan anda . jangan ikut orang *this is what i have learned . hehehe .


  1. Boleh saja.Cuma kena pandai financial management.

  2. like ur last words dear..
    "ikut kmampuan. jgn ikut org" :)