Tuesday, 25 December 2012

random talk before final :)

assalamualaikum . *jawab salam tuh .

pertama , i would like to talk about week of study . argghh . study week lah sangat kan . i did my time table for this week and onwards . but i think the percentage of following the time table is just 30% . where got . mana hilangnya lagi 70% ? i dont know . hehe . whatever it is, in deep , i hope that i can do my best , my very best to achieve what have been thinking . insyaAllah .

secondly , its about my hometown ! hehe . siapa taknak balik . i miss my cats , i miss my bed . i miss my kitchen . i miss my family and i miss my mom . eh . eh . eh . i miss my bff . ihikkss . i miss penang lah senang . hahaha .

thirdly , im going to tell you about my planssss during cuti nanti . tak dapat buat semua takpe , asalkan there are plans and it is 'planned' . setelah berfikir-fikir , berbincang , memerah otak , setelah mengetepikan study buat sementara waktu untuk planning , maka tercapai lah beberapa list . hekhek . things that im going to list are much related to do with my bff . hekhek . jangan jeles . *muntah hijau cepat . im not sure which one is going to be the first thing or prioritize masa cuti nanti but i just make it in listing .
  • main badminton sampai pengsan
  • mencuba resepi baru
  • dinner dekat kafe nari *yet, idk wheres the place
  • improve my driving skill
  • organize to have a trip to komtar with the MPMPP
  • having dinner at which hotel i cant remember with MPMPP
  • my brother's wedding *insyaAllah , semoga dipermudahkan
  • booking flight ticket to ................ hehehehe . *secret 
buat masa sekarang yang tu dulu .  ill update sendiri kalau ada yang lain . whatever it is , yang tu plan je . kalau diizinkan , jadi lah . kalau tak we still have another time to accomplish that . insyaAllah . sekarang dah pukul berapa dah ni . baru study sikit je . thats why i told you i only get my 30% je out of what it is planned . hahaha . takpe lah , as long as i dont leave it all . so , gudbye , wish me luck for final . selamat tinggal semester 3 . ive learned so many things :) assalamualaikum . *jawab2 !!

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  1. same la study week..gud luck exam.. =)