Sunday, 6 January 2013

mintak tolong ! ada anjing .

here i have one story to share . do you like dogs ? for muslims i guess it is a 'no' . its not that we hate them . but we are not one of them lah . we are 'haram' to touch if in wet . you know those kind that related to rules of islam . you what im saying . *sorry if it sounds harsh for those who non .

so, early morning kak mus (housemate) and i were working out nearby our place . tak lah working out mana . berjoging yang tak macam joging . *but at least we're having pespired just the same if we get non-stop running along the way . haha . in the beginning , we're having so much fun , chuckles , turn into comics sometimes , but just in the middle of our ramble *we dont even expect that it would be our last check point . we're having problem .

first that we saw are kucing .... ayam tepi jalan .... and then kucing lagi .... *pe de hal broo . on the half way of JALAN MATI , we saw anjing , eh eh , anjing lagi dan maigaddd anjing lagi . 3 of them . the first two yang i jumpa cool ja , but they're staring at us . you know , im cool . yeahhh . im cool yaww . kak mus pun dah cakap buat slumber je . dont ever try to do any causes . halangan pertama settled . but i have no ideas with the third anjing tuh . like seriously , ive no idea . you know , still in cooling stage but then tak semena-mena the third anjing tu follow us . makin dekat , closer , and closer . sambil menyalak pulak tu . and the fobia part is dia muka dia dah bersentuh dengan kaki kak mus . that time , jangan cakap lah , segala zikir keluar . *baru nak ingat Tuhan .

dalam few minutes jugak dalam keadaan tu , then kitorang keep walking until we stop at one house which ive no idea its belonging to whom . we just stop there and that anjing stop following . fuhhhhh . lega ! and then when we had just started walking the anjing came back and followed us AGAIN . argghhh . and then we did the same thing . stop at anyone's home . it stopped there and reverts to tempat asal . yang ni betul-betul lega . kitorang tak nampak jalan nak balik dah . all jalan mati . ingatkan nak cari jalan keluar lah on the right side of that household . tiba-tiba anjing siapa tah yang menyalak . yang ni lagi kuat . arghhh . anjing LAGIIII . but but but they are all in gates . hahaha . selamat . on the left side pulak ada hutan .

kak mus believed that there must be a way out from this jalan mati . and tak lain tak bukan kena lalu that HUTAN . sebelum lalu hutan kena lalu semak ok . tak besar mana hutan tu . banyak pokok-pokok yang orang tanam . maybe we can call it dusun . kot . haha . we tawakal and lalu punya lalu punya lalu *eh eh ada sungai tepi ni . hahaha . and kak mus found it . hohohoho . we found the way out . hahaha . nampak jalan raya punya syukur . hahaha . TAPI . ada tapi lagi , haha . we have to step a large drain . fikir punya fikir , i can do it , i can do it , i can do it . and yess alhamdulillah . haha . the important is seriously i wont go into that lane again . hahaha . macam lemah lutut je rasa . haaha . on the way back we stopped by and bought karipap . haha .

terdiam masing-masing . and kak mus tiba-tiba bercakap pasal hikmah . haha . and she's right . if we find the clue given by Allah just grab it and keep going . dont look back . because this is all His tests . we arrived home safely , alhamdulillah .


  1. cerita ada pengajaran lagi.header baru dah nampak :)

    1. hahaha . well . hidup mesti ada pengajaran selalu . hehe . nampak kan ? yang lain malas nak makeover lagi . hehe

  2. Replies
    1. tau takpe . tak tau nak cakap macam perasaan tadi .