Sunday, 24 February 2013

HR vs engineering

you know what this stuff is all about ? ni yang nak cerita ni . sambungan entri lepas .

Human resource versus engineering . whoa :O ,years back i don’t expect any other differences between them . but recently i did realised something . of course they do have a lot of aspects that differ each other . haha . ini kisah 26hb januari ok . haha . i went for one interview session . it regards to maintenance in Vistana Hotel . so what the hell im doing there and im doing such uh . haha . memang tak pasal lah aku nak masuk kos engineer kan . i mean im in human resource field . so, sangat lah tak related di situ . just because my bff was doing that part of the assignment aku teman je . orang kata different field pun tak ada salah kalau nak belajar tentang others kan . ilmu kan ada di mana-mana . nak tak nak untuk kita grab je .

the person who in charge in that maintenance field is Encik Iskanda Ahmad the Head of Maintenance. *still remember his name . haha .  there was a mild of informations regarding maintenance especially for me , I’d already have a lil bit of knowledge of what is crack and such . when we mention about cracking and leaning of walls , what are the methods that suit to be act out and things that related to defect . in car, on my way back home , i was informed about the flow from a big tank to all pipes that we use in daily just by referring to diagram shown . that was an awesome mannn . i don’t really understand about that , but at least i don’t let my knowledge in stuck . haa, mesin yang kat atas tu pulak aku tak tahu apa nama dia . tapi function dia untuk check kat paip ada bocor ke tak .

there . HR dengan engineer sangat banyak perbezaan . but both ada kepentingan untuk develop mankind and control the situation respectively at the same time . ok lah , hutang haritu dah terbayar . cerita wedding abang aku next entry k . till then . bye ! :D

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