Tuesday, 28 January 2014

geramnyaaaaa !

ya rabbi.

im quite worried because im typing this in quite anger atmosphere. this is very unpleasent thing to me. annoyed! i get annoyed by the act of someone.

cool downnnnn nadia! cool down. alright!

dah lama la aku tak rasa didih macam ni. you know, something like reaching the boiling point gitu.

ok, take a deep breath ...........

dah ok sikit. ok. ok.

macam ni lah, life is tooooo long for me to get to the high level of maturity. if you were to ask, seriously im in mad. come on, i mean ohhh. mayybeee ..... you might forget that someone else is praying for the things you take for granted. ohh, i see. it's ok then. semua orang ada sifat lupa kan. or mungkin tak perasan.

okayyyyy. dah lega sikit.

ahh, i dont lose much anyway.

p/s: by being straightforward in this case doesnt cost you penny nor it lowers down your position right?

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