Sunday, 3 January 2016

Random 2016

A fresh new start. Well, it's 2016.

I've been away. Yup, for 1 year.... and more. i dont know what im looking for. and im not sure it's outweigh to what. but one think im sure enough, i dont have anyone else to rely on. i know that one day i will lost someone that i love so much as i cant 'keep' for mine.

So i guess, you guys might see this site will be not left empty. *yes, this is hope. Bhaha.

Hurm, pretty hurt of mine lately. Seeing someone that had always been our side, change for all of sudden. Yup, i would say that maybe my 'mengada-ngada' getting over day by day which turn the life up, but seriously, ................ ahh, i dont even have a word to out.

I just hope and still hoping that we will be together back. As we used to be.

Okay, till then.

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