Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I dont know
How am i going to deal with this kind of situation. Where you need that one person to listen to you but they dont. The only person that you need to get the bless to continue your life peacefully.
Sometimes, yes we need to be considered in situations. But, what if when your preferences are always been denied. Like most of the time. Am i too harsh? Am i too selfish to be thinking of my passion? Do i need to sacrifice and do something that i dont into.
Im in the middle. This is not the first time for me having this kind of conflict. But this time i really really really need them to understand. This is for my future. I dont need advice or stories. All i need is support. The truth is, im in the middle.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

entah lah


baru free kamek tok. benar-benar free. lelah nyawa mek, whole week sik sempat mok bukak blog. *pahal aku tiba-tiba kelaka sarawak tok. heran juak nak. haha.

apa aku nak cakap ni?

ohh, this week boleh kata stabil la. kalau member nak ajak lepak sejam dua dah boleh. haha.

last week aku dah present final year project aku. satu tanggungjawab dah lepas. event pun dah settle rabu lepas, pun dah kurang satu hal dekat situ. tinggal lagi assignment dengan full report of fyp. kurang dua bulan aku bakal tamatkan ijazah aku. hurm. macam tak ada point pulak bebelan aku ni.

ohh ya. aku ada satu impian ni yang aku nak capai. tapi bila dah bincang nak minta restu dengan mama, hajat aku ditolak pulak. aku nak sambung master terus. kalau bolehhhh. no, i mean i really wish for that. tapi kalau dah tuhan kata nanti, nanti jugak kan. sedih sebenarnya. you know, when something get crashed in the middle and you stay stuck but you really want to be away from that figure. ahh, membebel lagi.

sudah la. tak sambung master is not the end of the world pun kan. family first. *just to console myself. why bother anyway. haha.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


What done is done,
There is no excuses,
We can’t go back,
We can’t change anything.

Whatever it is,
Don’t stuck in past,
Never work at all,
You’re lying to yourself.

The truth is,
Excuses and lies don’t help,
You’ve been left and roughed,
So, don’t blow yourself.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

tak tentu arah

hari-hari aku terfikir,
aku tak ada cita-cita yang spesifik,
tapi aku ada angan-angan.

bukan tak komited dalam kehidupan,
bukan tak fikir nak ada hala tuju,
tapi aku masih tak nampak.

kita tak tahu masa depan macam mana kan,
boleh nak scatch masa depan,
tapi pengalaman ajar aku jangan komited pada masa depan.

salah ke?

btw, esok sarawak cuti sempena good friday. dont worry. deed, does not cross my area. saja nak inform. kahkah.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Plan the ideas

I thought, we are supposed to be taught that planning is a reasonable thing to do before we make something up. But clearly, i have an issue when it comes to deal with this type of person which doing thing without having mental visualization, at leasttt.

For me. I love planning. I love drafting. Does not matter how you're going to do it, how long does it takes to be accomplished or what alternative do you have in order to make that worked and worthy.

It seems not working when you dont put the strategies in. Everybody can make a plan. But not everyone will have it. I mean, we fail to make it real. So, the output is not there.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Put this up

We have a problem indeed.
We dont want to admit it.
We say we can do it.
But what happen, buddy.
We are totally out of it.

We were once had a promise.
To let it flow in peace.
Yes, we could have it if you want it for at least.
Unfortunately, we'd have what we just missed.

Why do we have to complicate these things?