Sunday, 24 January 2016



This is how it goes.

You take, you take for your own beneficial.

But you still have something for me.

Funny, funny to your silly.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Don't find.

Reasons to leave.
Fire to heat.
Words to bleed.
Knife to kill.


You've hurting.

If you have to leave, just leave.

Hello it's me


My visibility this time is not for the set of audience. It's just me. Only me. So, dear self. Get your heart and mind widely open because you never know what are the storms to slap on your face.

So, yup.

That's all.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Random 2016

A fresh new start. Well, it's 2016.

I've been away. Yup, for 1 year.... and more. i dont know what im looking for. and im not sure it's outweigh to what. but one think im sure enough, i dont have anyone else to rely on. i know that one day i will lost someone that i love so much as i cant 'keep' for mine.

So i guess, you guys might see this site will be not left empty. *yes, this is hope. Bhaha.

Hurm, pretty hurt of mine lately. Seeing someone that had always been our side, change for all of sudden. Yup, i would say that maybe my 'mengada-ngada' getting over day by day which turn the life up, but seriously, ................ ahh, i dont even have a word to out.

I just hope and still hoping that we will be together back. As we used to be.

Okay, till then.