Sunday, 8 June 2014

last but not least

suck in a breath.

ahh, i dont know where to start.

okay. im going to finish this semester. lebih kurang dua minggu dari sekarang. insyaAllah. and im looking forward for that, deed.

i dont know, throughout this path i can see few big things will be hitting me. by right, i got to know how to prepare myself. everyone might against, but whatever it is, like people says without suffering there is no compassion. we have belief, aren't we?

so, all the best everyone! doakan yang terbaik for whatever things that we're going through.

ps. dah nak dekat habis-habis belajar ni tak rasa dah semangat nak exam tu. just thinking of being home. kahkah! so, till then. bye.