Monday, 21 October 2013


When i was kid, the thing that i really wanted to do is being independent in any situation. Yet, there still have people that have a different kind of reliable towards others. We intend to pursue people in nice early conversation, but then we started to make people surrounding us annoyed. One situation is that when the first time we are in a strange place or situation and indirectly become nowhere. The level of dependency which is low that could cause us to ask such if-you-were-to-ask question. Aren’t we?

I know that we are growing in this world up in different environment and so much differs in style of education learned, but seriously we must act independently as we are facing the real world. People out there do not want to know what kind of problem you have or in going to have as we are in real life. Put thought that there is no such thing betrayal and selfish friends. Why am i saying this? 

As we grow up, friends are important but kindly remember that you should give yourself priority. You give this world shits, but remember as you fight life, life always wins. No matter how hard it is, you must get yourself wake up and move on. To those parents that have this kind of parent – children bonding, please put your trust in your children and takes a kite as fundamental of your life. It may goes moving through the air high, but you still can guide as it can’t go anywhere over your control. (ilham ni diambik dari filem hoore hoore . hehe )

p/s : entah kenapa aku rasa aku nak membebel . stress mungkin . or a part of practicing ? haha . tiada kena mengena yang hidup mahupun yang mati .

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