Friday, 6 December 2013


Sometimes we want to write something but we dont have the idea of what it would be. All we know, it just a full of writing to be shared. It is weird when we keep trying to write about something on a piece of rubbish paper at least. Aha, we suddenly, got the idea of what that writing would be. We start to write but we dont know why the hell the process is blocked for other some times. It goes away, and we tend to nowhere. The idea that we dont know how to express it literally and we start to talk trash to our brain for not being useful when it needed. And then, we keep talking trash about thing that we had just faced it. All of sudden, we just realised that, our writing is about to reach half of one page. Ahh, it just happened to all of us right? *sigh. Idk what im nagging for.