Saturday, 25 January 2014

School says


Life is too beautiful to get continued upset, right? Live life to the fullest then. Ohh, btw. Aku ada kemas barang-barang lama. And i found those reply letters from my abang angkat and adik angkat. Haha. I dont know, i just felt that school is awesome with those kind of awesome experiences. You know, like having that kind of relationship. Hari-hari sekolah aku begitu indah gituu. Dont ask me why lah when it is justtt because. I mean i feel it that way. Haha

Yang penting walaupun dah habis sekolah, our relationship still remain. I mean, dah takde la istilah angkat-angkat ni. Sekarang yang tinggal cuma istilah kawan lah. Im totally glad with that. Haha. I dont know, in between of playing role as a student, waiting for replies are awesome thing to do every week. You know, that feeling when you are dying to write something in a letter or on a paper precisely. Haha.

Kenangan je semua tu. Batch aku tahulah ni, sebab kadang-kadang aku balas surat pun depan diorang dan kadang-kadang diorang yang kasi idea apa nak tulis dalam tu. Haha. Soooo student..........

P/s: how about yours?

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  1. Jangan buang! Penat dulu luahkan smuanya dkat awak dalam nie. Phewww! Ehemm xnak ceko bloglist kiter ke ^^